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Top Supplier: Toolkit Websites Review 2017

Listed as one of UK's top web design companies, Toolkit Websites specialise in creating bespoke, modern CMS websites that cater to numerous industry sectors, including finance, legal, education, sports, health, construction and public/private sectors.

In less than 20 years, Toolkit Website has managed to establish an efficient online system that has helped over 2000 small-medium sized enterprises to launch professional, sleek and fresh websites.

Widely respected for their efficiency, endless support and responsiveness, Toolkit’s easy to update system – plus their choice of website packages (hosting, web management/development, branding, social media and website content) - has earnt them an array of promising awards: Approved Index (2012), Buy With Confidence (Trading Standards, Southampton City Council, 2011) and Safe Buy (Web Code of Practice, 2008).

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Products and Services

Toolkit Websites utilises .NET, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, ASP and Flash technologies to create beautiful, mobile friendly, affordable websites at a starting price of just £595(+VAT).

Each website is built from scratch, taking into consideration your user needs and prior tech experience so you can easily harness their CMS system (The Toolkit); take advantage of their pre-installed tools and integrate your own site updates.Website packages include the following services:

  • The Toolkit (CMS System) – feature rich, easy to use and ideal for those with no coding experience; this online system gives you the tools to access and update your website from any computer at any time. Updates include modifications to images, text and documents.
  • In-house web designers and a dedicated Project Manager – every site is built from scratch under constant client instruction without using pre-made templates. Designs are tailored to the specific needs and expectations of each industry whilst being guided by your own personal Project Manager. Every website comes with unlimited changes.
  • Website design – SEO and mobile friendly, businesses can benefit from unlimited changes, bespoke designs and builds, logos, animated banners and access to Toolkit’s sizeable image gallery/stock images, web contact forms, newsletter sign-ups and embedded maps.
  • Domain, email and hosting (organised completely by their web design team) – all emails come with spam filters, automated back-up, and IMAP and POP3 set-up, whilst Toolkit will also assist with your domain transfer/registration; secure hosting (with 100% uptime) and daily website back-up.
  • Content creation and SEO – search engine keywords and descriptions; Google, Yahoo and Bing submissions, social media links, mobile optimisation, DIY SEO Guides and support, and the option to utilise their website optimisation service.
  • Unlimited training and support – with calls answered in 3 rings and their support team based in the UK, businesses can access their out-of-hours support site, unlimited training sessions and can expect emails to be replied to within an hour.

Additional payable services include:

  • Social Media – the Toolkit team can handle the management of all your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Blog Design, YouTube and a professional LinkedIn profile), creating posts, links, branding and increased followings amongst your chosen audience. NOTE: Companies can save £198+ VAT (on individual setup prices) by harnessing Toolkit’s combined rate for setting up these services.
  • Email marketing – guaranteed to keep customers, employees and prospects in touch, Toolkit Broadcast is a business-class email marketing service that costs as little as 0.8p per email. Service includes email campaign tracking, list manager, compliance assured, reliable delivery and additional tools (500 emails per month for £5; 1000 emails per month for £10; 2000 emails per month for £20; 3000 emails per month for £27 etc.). Toolkit Website also offers email marketing setup services – Broadcast setup with no newsletter design (£95+VAT), Broadcast setup with headed newsletter (£195+VAT) and Broadcast setup with full newsletter design (£295+VAT).
  • Logo design – 300dpi printable quality, unlimited design changes and multiple formats.

Typically, Toolkit builds 10-20 page websites at the setup price of £595, with an additional £15 per month fee for advice and maintenance; however this basic package can be expanded using any of the above services.

Look and Feel

Toolkit Websites Home Page

Toolkit Website undeniably strives to encourage business independence through their offering of an adaptable CMS system. Once their designers have built your website, you can easily take complete control of your site as their online system has been purposefully built to equip you with all the necessary tools to manage, update and develop your site. Combined with their countless training sessions, it is possible to cut out the middle man and maintain your site without any prior tech or design experience.

However, given the diversity and depth of their services – social media, email marketing, logo support, training and hosting – establishing a long term relationship with Toolkit Websites is definitely worth considering as they can offer businesses all the tools they need to achieve a successful launch.

The fact that all of their websites are bespoke and not derived from premade templates affords businesses a sense of uniqueness that is often lacking with other professional sites. As clearly witnessed within their extensive client portfolio, every design is completely original and has been developed through a combination of industry knowledge, analytics and ultimately your personal preferences.

Toolkit’s own website is easy to navigate, displaying clear guides, content descriptions and video tutorials to ensure businesses know exactly what they’ll receive. Their case studies allow businesses to examine the breadth and diversity of their professional designs and the obvious tailoring that has clearly been applied to achieve optimum results within their chosen industries.

Overall, Toolkit Websites promises the perfect marketing support system for small-medium sized businesses. Whilst each individual service is affordable, we do advise companies to be mindful as these costs can mount up the more you utilise their services.

Ease of Use

Toolkit Website easily lives up to its name, as every service they provide is designed to develop your own skills as a business owner. From the simplicity of their CMS system to their detailed video tutorials, consultations and unlimited training sessions, to their team of design, SEO and marketing advisors; every service they provide can ease your experience and strengthen your business.

The additions of their email marketing, social media and content creation services, ensures even the most novice of users can use Toolkit to build the foundations of their site. With Toolkit Websites on your side you can be sure of both a beautiful and professional looking website, that functions flawlessly, is optimised for SEO and easy to maintain.

The best feature about Toolkit is the passion of their customer service. At every opportunity, Toolkit strives to assist their clients by supplying you with immediate assistance. From their video tutorials and training, to their consultants and out-of-hours support. Toolkit even claims to answer your call within 3 rings, meaning businesses will always feel supported.

Toolkit is a highly professional website builder that seeks to make your life easier through the utilisation of diverse design techniques, a flexible system and a choice of customisable stock images that will guarantee to spark the attention of potential clients.

Case Studies

The Royal British Legion

London Hog Roast Company Home Page

Part of the Bideford branch dedicated to supporting ex-service and serving personnel, the Royal British Legion is one of many non-profit organisations that have utilised Toolkit to rejuvenate their website. Harnessing their proven CMS system, and their hosting, development and design services, their site comprises of JavaScript, XML, (X) HTML and CSS technologies.

JDH Electrical Ltd

Studio Scribbles Home Page

A professional Electrician company, owner John Durman contacted Toolkit with hopes of acquiring a web designer who could give his business a confident start online. With Toolkit’s help, they not only supplied him with a fantastic website, but with an online system that he could update himself. Since its launch in 2014, JDH Electrical is now on the 1st page of Google.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Toolkit Website comes with many advantageous benefits that can assist businesses looking to refresh their existing site or establish a professional presence:

  • Original designs – with no premade templates, everything about your site will be structurally bespoke, original and designed to strengthen your industry status. With no fear of duplication, your site is sure to stand out from the crowd as Toolkit will manage your branding, design and optimisation.
  • Affordable start-up prices – with the average website costing £2,000 before marketing, Toolkit is ideal for businesses on a budget as you can launch your site at a fraction of the cost and utilise their marketing services as and when you need them.
  • Customer support – dedicated to supporting their clients at every turn, all calls are answered in just a few rings by a team of professional and knowledgeable advisors. In addition, businesses can harness email and out-of-hours support, video tutorials, one-on-one consultations and unlimited training. .
  • Easy to use – their CMS system has been specifically designed to allow all calibres of designers to handle their own content and image submission. The online system is simple, straight-forward and comes with all the necessary tools to encourage independent site management.
  • Content, SEO, social media and email marketing packages - these may not be free; however Toolkit will handle every aspect, including tracking, reporting and analytics.


Created with simplicity and affordability in mind, Toolkit Website is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to take control of their websites and be less reliant on web design agencies. With no prior tech experience, Toolkit allows you to manage your own site updates - at any time and on any computer – whilst benefiting from their endless resources.

Admittedly their costs are misleading as you’ll need to do a little investigation in order to grasp their full service costs; however each are relatively cheaper and incredibly worthwhile for the long term development of your site, traffic and business.

Overall, Toolkit is a great starting tool for small-medium sized businesses as they can provide you with a beautifully designed, modern and original website that captures the essence of your industry with ease and professionalism. Combined with their mountains of training, resources, tutorials and continuous customer support; no matter your tech background you can feel confident of a successful website launch.

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