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Top Supplier: Envious Digital Review 2017

Envious Digital is a reputable UK web design company that specialises in the creation of professional, modern websites and iPad apps using the expertise of the finest account handlers, communication experts, marketing strategists, creative designers and developers on the market.

With vast experience across a variety of industry sectors, they are a boutique agency that is passionate about going against the norm and providing their clients with thoughtfully executed solutions that bring in results.

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Products and Services

Envious Digital employs a number of services to encourage the successful launch and expansion of your ecommerce website. From CMS site creation, mobile applications and basic web design, to project management, branding and strategic planning; Envious Digital offers more than your traditional web builder.

Every one of their projects clearly lists the individuals who worked on the site – a tool that enables potential clients to gain a feel for the strengths, expertise and tactics of each of Envious Digital’s team members before you commission them for work.

Similarly, by allowing businesses to match websites to set designers, developers and account handlers, Envious Digital are essentially creating a more personal working experience where you can pick and choose who works on your website.

This is great news for businesses just starting out as it gives them greater control over the outcome of their website.

These aren’t the only benefits that Envious Digital has got to offer. Their services also include:

  • Web design – created from scratch, Envious’s web design team can offer you a no frills, customisable website that is concise, professional and easy to modify.
  • Mobile applications and iPad App work
  • CMS site design – an intuitive interface that enables independent site management, editing and updates.
  • Project management, strategy planning and website development
  • Branding/rebranding
  • Graphic design
  • 3D Animation and illustration
  • Advertising
  • Clothing and packaging design
  • Copywriting
  • Design for print
  • Marketing and PR

Combined, each of these services can prove pivotal in the successful launch of a start-up business.

Look and Feel

bOnline Home Page

Simple, straight forward and easy to navigate, Envious Digital’s best feature by far is their extensive client portfolio. From this one page alone, clients can quickly grasp this web builder’s numerous service offerings and witness first-hand the many benefits of hiring them. In turn, this dedicated page can help businesses to identify the individual talents of Envious Digital’s team, so they can pick from their best designers, developers and strategic planners for their own site.

Similarly, by examining this one page, potential clients will know exactly what to expect and will be under no false illusions, which is often the case with some top web builders! However, some services could be explained in more detail, so we recommend contacting Envious Digital or requesting a call if you have any questions about what is on offer.

Ease of Use

Their adoption of Content Management Systems (CMS) – intuitive and perceptive systems that remove the need for coding – is certainly a high point as it can open the doors to all levels of design experience. By eliminating the need for previous coding knowledge, Envious Digital make it possible for businesses to save money and take control of their own site without having to employ a UK web design agency to manage it.

This system in turn has the advantage of enabling businesses to modify text and images from any computer at any time. However, as previously mentioned, without further explanation of what CMS is and the benefits it provides, some companies might initially have more questions than answers.

In turn, their exceptional customer support and breadth of experience can immediately offer you increased peace of mind. From the moment you first contact and arrange a quote, you are given access to a dedicated accounts manager who will handle all your queries, concerns and design ideas, as well as ensure you receive optimum results. You could say they’ll take the weight off your shoulders as they’ll handle everything whilst ensuring you are always kept abreast with how your website is developing and tracking.

Case Studies


London Hog Roast Company Home Page

The client needed a new website to promote their wide range of services and fundraising efforts. With frequent updates to news, content and services offered, it was essential to have a CMS in place, which Envious created and put into place. Content management became much easier and traffic increased as Hestia could keep their site more relevant. Envious Digital also provided a copywriting service to ensure a uniform tone of voice.

My Stay Days

London Hog Roast Company Home Page

An accommodation portal, My Stay Days approached Envious Digital for a new CMS and ecommerce site that would strengthen their branding. Utilising the latest in graphic and website design, Envious Digital has helped people across the country to rent out their accommodations during special events (on multiple platforms) and is in the process of building them an app.

As part of the build they improved functionality of the site for homeowners, enabling them to upload and create vacancy periods for their properties and have also ensured that My Stay Days is responsive to any device.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Envious Digital comes with a number of design advantages that can make launching a new site or app easy and accessible:

  • Personalised experience – it is rare that a company can claim to know exactly who has worked on their website; however Envious Digital does just that. Their portfolio is a testament to the dedication and commitment of their team, as each project clearly identifies who did what.
  • CMS – this intuitive online system enables businesses of all design backgrounds and levels to easily edit, modify and add content and imagery without any tech experience or coding.
  • Project Manager – acting as your advisor, guidance aid and support consultant, Envious Digital’s team of project managers can alleviate the strain of launching a new site and can save you time on having to market, showcase and update your site. They will handle it all on your behalf whilst keeping you in the loop.
  • Meet the team – this detailed page is fantastic, as it allows you to examine the talent, skills and mind-sets of each of their team members before you hire them for your website. It is an incredibly informative page as you can view all their past projects and identify who is the right fit for you.

Although Envious Digital has many advantages, there are some disadvantages you need to consider:

  • Price visibility – due to the bespoke nature of web design, prices and quotes can only be acquired by contacting Envious Digital directly.
  • No dedicated product page – with only limited information available on product pages, the only way to gain a clear picture of their services is by browsing through their portfolio.


Able to offer you everything within one neat package; if you are already familiar with CMS, marketing terms and the types of services traditionally offered by web design companies, then Envious Digital can easily help you to succeed.

From their optimised content to their advertising, PR, customer support and mobile applications, the team at Envious Digital is highly skilled and incredibly versatile. However with certain key information unavailable on their website, Envious Digital may inadvertently deter some businesses from using their services, especially if they are new to the industry.

Overall, Envious Digital is the perfect web builder for businesses looking for straightforward professional designs and the support of a passionate marketing team. Thanks to their extensive portfolio (which names and identifies all of the keyworkers on each site), you can easily pick and choose your team, ensuring you get the right fit. We recommend you reach out to them first to get a clearer picture of their services and prices so you can manage your budget accordingly.

Next Steps

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